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What If I Prayed?

Nothing is so easy to talk about as is prayer, and yet we pray so little.

Do you pray with biblical intensity? Do you pray like Jesus? Like Elijah (James 5:16-18)? Do you pray like Paul? Do you really pray and pray for God’s glory and the good of others (Matthew 22:36-40)?

See if you are brave enough to ask yourself these “what ifs” to determine if you really pray.

What if……..

I prayed as much as I watch TV?

I prayed as much as I look at Facebook?

I prayed as much as I drive to and from places?

I prayed as much as I read the newspaper?

I prayed as much for someone as I do worrying about them?

I prayed as much for God’s strength and energy as I do trying to muster up my own?

I prayed as much for the nations as I do hearing about them in the news?

I prayed as much for His Kingdom Come as I do working on my own kingdom?

I prayed as much for people who irritate me as I do thinking about how they irritate me?

I prayed like God was more important than sleep by praying the first 30 minutes of the day?

I prayed without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)?

I prayed as much to God as I do thinking about God?

I prayed like Christ made me and is speaking me into existence even as I type these words and you are reading them (Col. 1:17; Heb. 1:3)?

I prayed like life matters because eternity looms?

I prayed like life is short (James 4:14)? Because it is.

I prayed as though I really needed Christ, for without Him I can do nothing (John 15:5)?

Nothing is so easy to talk about as is prayer, and yet is done so little. No doubt because we love to depend on ourselves even though we cannot depend on ourselves for we are nothing without the God who created us, speaks us into being, and loves us with the death of His son.

E.M. Bounds (1835-1913) has been teaching me how prayerless I am and how much I need to pray and depend on the LORD God. If you think that you have cornered the market on praying, I suggest you pick up Power Through Prayer and test yourself. Here are a few quotes from his challenging and inspiring book on prayer.

“Our laziness after God in prayer is our crying sin.” E.M. Bounds

Prayer is the creator as well as the channel of devotion. The spirit of devotion is the spirit of prayer. Prayer and devotion are united as soul and body are united, as life and hearts are united. There is no real prayer without devotion, no devotion without prayer. People must be surrendered to God in the holiest devotion. Our aim, aspirations, ambition are for God and to God, and to such prayer is essential as food is to life. E.M. Bounds

Do you depend on God in prayer? What if you did?