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What is going on in the life of the church (the body of people in Christ) I pastor?

When Will Eagle Heights Resume Gathering? Our Short-Term Plan

Coronavirus EH

Do you remember how this all began? Do you remember how COVID-19 forced us into a whole new world that included suspending our church’s face-to-face meetings? On Wednesday, March 11th, the first domino fell when the Oklahoma City Thunder game with the Utah Jazz was canceled moments before tip-off. Just a few days later, on Friday the 13th, we made the decision to cancel our Sunday morning worship gathering and stream our Sunday worship content online. In a matter of days, we made the decision to cancel all our in-person gatherings and continue to try to be the church using the Internet and technology. The change was abrupt. By necessity, it was a sudden decision that changed the way we function as a local church.

Seven Sundays later, we are hopeful that we will soon be able to gather again, just as local churches have done for nearly 2,000 years. Unfortunately, gathering again won’t happen as suddenly as the shutdown did. Church life as we knew it before COVID-19 is not going to go back to normal on May 3rd, the first Sunday churches can meet again under phase 1 of Governor Stitt’s Open Up and Recover Safely (OURS) plan

So before I disclose the details of what the Elders have discussed and decided, I ask the following of all our members. First, please recognize that getting back to normal will be a process. It might be a long process, as in months, not weeks. Second, please understand that the situation is fluid and can change quickly. According to Governor Stitt’s plan, if restrictions are to continue to loosen so that we can graduate to the next phase (phase 2), then hospital and incident rates must remain manageable for 14 days. Third, keep in mind that the situation is not simple. We have to think about a number of concerns that will impact the safety of people we care about and love. Please be patient and considerate of one another. Finally, pray for wisdom and guidance as we navigate this together.

Without further ado, here is the short-term plan the Elders unanimously endorsed on Sunday afternoon.

  • We will not be meeting at the church building during phase 1, which includes both Sunday, May 3rd, and Sunday, May 10th. We will continue to stream our worship content via Facebook during that time. There are several reasons we chose not to meet on those Sundays. First, we could not have childcare per the governor’s policy. Second, people 65 years and older, and people with pre-existing conditions would be asked not to come. Third, we would have to honor social distancing requirements as it relates to seating. There are other reasons that we chose to wait, but the bottom line is this: we all concluded that phase 1 would make worshiping together very difficult.
  • We hope that 5Groups, and one-to-one meetings, will start to happen again. These meetings can happen in coffee shops, restaurants,  and homes.
  • The Elders are recommending that larger groups, like Core Groups, continue to use zoom, and other online platforms, to maintain social distancing through phase 1.
  • We are asking that all groups refrain from using the building in phase 1. We are doing this in part to make sure we are consistent with who can use the building and who can’t.
  • The Elders will meet again on Saturday, May 9th to reassess the situation, and decide what adjustments to make going forward as we enter into phase 2. Keep in mind, that progressing on to each phase is dependent on whether or not hospital and incident rates remain manageable during each phase.

We recognize that other churches will have different plans. Some will gather on the 3rd and some won’t gather again for months. One thing we have learned as we have met with other pastors and church leaders from across the state is that there is no consensus plan on how churches will adjust to opening up again. Every congregation and context is different. The one thing we have been told over and over again is that reopening is a process, not a one-time decision. Please be patient with us as we navigate this unique time.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. The Elders are always glad to listen.



How Our Church Has Encouraged Me In This Pandemic

Some say we are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. For many, the crisis is real. There has been a loss of employment. There has been isolation and loneliness. There has been illness and death. There is uncertainty. There is fear.

But there are also good things happening. There is service happening. There is courage. There is giving. There is love. There is sacrifice. There are many reasons for encouragement. I want to encourage you by sharing some acts and attitudes that have encouraged me.

  • I was exchanging texts with a church member today who was checking on me, and I asked him if his family had contacted those below and above him in the membership directory. He said they had, but they were going to start contacting more. His initiative to do more than asked edified me.
  • I was speaking with some of our senior adults by phone, and a sister told me that they are not fearful of what might happen. She said they go to bed every night knowing that God is in control, and the most important thing in life is taken care of in Christ Jesus. She rhetorically asked, “Why should we fear?”
  • Our children’s director from church called and spoke to our daughter this morning. She didn’t have to do that, but listening more than she was able to talk, she took the time to care about a 7-year-old and her 7-year-old concerns. She also asked her about her favorite Bible verse. During the conversation, I heard out daughter say, “I really want to be able to go to Wednesday Night and Sunday Church again.” I thank God that an adult took time to care about a child and I was encouraged my daughter likes to gather with our local church.
  • I have been encouraged by several who have offered to serve others, and give money and food to those who are in need.
  • Our staff has been eager to adjust to the circumstances, taking on new responsibilities to serve our faith family. They have excelled at thinking of ways they can be innovative.

There are other examples that I have seen in the past several weeks that escape me now, and God knows them all.

How have you been encouraged by others? What are you doing to be an encouragement to others during these trying, uncertain, and even fearful times?

Pray for wisdom and strength to be an encouragement to someone in Christ. A crisis is an opportunity to make a difference and encourage someone who is in need.

Eagle Heights Coronavirus Ministry Plan

Coronavirus EH

Dear Faith Family,

I hope you will read this carefully and then determine to be the body of Christ, by building one another up in love.

You have heard it said, “Never waste a good crisis.” And I tell you there is wisdom to be gleaned from that statement. Let me explain. For most of us, this present situation is not one we would choose. It is inconvenient. It has created uncertainty. It has produced fear and anxiety. It all seems surreal. But this is an opportunity for us to see this disruptive moment as something that an all-powerful God can use for good. Here is what we are doing to trust and obey Jesus together as a local church.

  • WE ARE ASKING EVERY EAGLE HEIGHTS MEMBER TO HELP US LOVE AND SERVE ONE ANOTHER – Each of you will receive an updated member’s directory by email. If you don’t receive one, please email Mindy at and request one. When you receive the membership directory, please contact the person above you and below you in the directory. Try calling first. If that does not work, then please text or email. When you call or text, introduce yourself and explain that you are a member of Eagle Heights Baptist Church and that you are calling to see how they are doing. Then check on them by asking these questions: 1) Ask them how you can pray for them. 2) Ask them what they are currently reading in their Bible. 3) Ask them if there is a way that you can practically serve them. Finally, ask them if they have received the email and the church directory. If they have, then encourage them to do the same for the person below them in the directory. We understand that you may already be doing this for people in your Core Group, 5Group, or CR Group, but this “crisis” is a God-given opportunity for us to build relationships and care for people beyond our groups that already exist. Also, our First Impressions Coordinator, Wendy Ringer, along with others, will be contacting some of you to make sure that we are all doing our part. If you don’t hear from someone by phone, text or email, please let us know. For the good of this body and the glory of Christ, please do your part and reach out to one another. Please try to do this by Saturday of every week until further notice.
  • SERVING AND CARING FOR OUR SENIOR ADULTS AND SHUT-INS – Please be aware that our deacons are already working hard at reaching out to our senior adults and shut-ins. If you desire to help the deacons or want to contribute to the benevolence fund, please contact Mindy at and she will put you in contact with the deacons.
  • DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO NEEDS HELP? – If you need help or know someone that does, please contact This is first and foremost for church members. We will do what we can to help everyone, but just like every other organization, we have limited resources.
  • SMALL GROUP RESOURCES FOR ONLINE MEETINGS – To honor our local government leaders and to love our neighbors, we are suggesting that groups use online platforms like Zoom to meet. We know, it’s not what is best; it’s not how we want to get together. But look at the bright side. We are fortunate that we live in a time in which we have access to such mediums and platforms. Whatever you do, make sure your groups are contacting everyone in your group at least once a week to check on each other and pray. Note: Even if you are doing this as a group, we still want everyone to use the Eagle Heights Membership Directory to check on the whole body of Eagle Heights. Here is a link to Zoom: Here is a very brief video tutorial for church groups who want to use zoom: Here is a helpful article on how to lead a small group online:
  • WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE – Beginning this Wednesday, Parker will lead a 15-minute devotional at 6:30 pm. We will be using our Eagle Heights Facebook Page to stream this content and we hope that you will take advantage of this to implement and practice family worship. While this is targeted for families and youth, we encourage everyone to participate.
  • GIVING TO EAGLE HEIGHTS MINISTRY AND MISSIONS – There are several options for supporting the ministry of Eagle Heights and Missions. 1) You can mail a check to 2617 N. Jardot Rd. 74075 2) You can use online giving: 3) Text Giving: If you want to give to the “general ministry fund”, then text “Give” and the amount you want to give to this number: 405.353.9939. If you want to give to the “missions fund”, then you can type “Missions” followed by the amount you want to give to the same number: 405.353.9939.
  • ONLINE MEETINGS WITH ELDERS? – The Elders are brainstorming the possibility of designating some times that members can join them for a short time of devotion and prayer using a platform like Zoom. This is still in the works, and we will let you know if this hypothetical plan becomes an option.
  • PRAY FOR THE WEEKLY ELDER MEETING – Please pray for the Elders as they meet on Thursday Nights to discuss how to lead and care for our faith family during this time.

A church is a group of people who are committed to following Christ and serving one another in love. Will you join us? Will you be a part of what we are supposed to be and do? Let’s be the church! Let’s be the gospel made visible, demonstrated by our love for one another. Then the world will know that we are disciples of Jesus (John 13:34-35).

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

For God’s Glory Together – Pastor Brent

Eagle Heights Coronavirus Update


Greetings Brothers and Sisters:

These are unprecedented times. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created a lot of interruption and uncertainty, and yes, even fear. But God’s word has some very certain things to say to us in an uncertain and often turbulent, fear-producing world. God’s word repeatedly tells us not to fear or to be afraid (Joshua 1:9; Psalm 23:4; Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 6:34; John 14:1, 27; 2 Timothy 1:7; Etc.). It’s times like these that we find out who or what we really trust and worship.

God’s word also commands us to gather regularly for worship with our local church (Hebrews 10:19-25). To forsake the local church without a substantial reason (this may soon be one of those substantial reasons) is to forsake the word of God and Jesus, who is the head of the church body. So despite the uncertainty and concerns over the Coronavirus, we will continue to meet regularly unless we must suspend meeting together for a time. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and make decisions as things develop.

So we intend to continue to meet for the foreseeable future, but we also want to be wise. We don’t want to needlessly endanger people by not taking this virus seriously. Some among us may be more susceptible to the impacts of this virus, like our senior adults. We want to do what is best for everyone.

Here are some ways you can love others as we plan to continue gathering together:

  • Know the symptoms. They are similar to other upper respiratory infections with symptoms like runny nose, sore throat, coughing, and sometimes a fever.
  • If you have the symptoms, please stay home. We would ask you to do the same thing if you had the flu or strep or a cold. The church gathering is a time of sharing life, but please make every effort not to share any sickness.
  • Lather your hands with sanitizer and wash your hands a lot. We have purchased extra hand sanitizer for the church building, and we have plenty of soap, so please use it. If you are serving in any capacity, please wash your hands when you get to the building.
  • We will suspend the greeting time. For the foreseeable future, we will not have the greeting time to prevent opportunities to inadvertently pass on infections.
  • No holy kisses or holy handshakes, please. Let’s continue to greet each other with smiles and maybe an elbow tap, but let’s avoid handshakes for a while. Even if there are no reported cases of COVID-19 in Stillwater for the time being, this is good practice for when/if it impacts our city.
  • If you can’t attend or you are concerned about attending, please do these things. 1) Let us know so we can see if there is some way to assist you. 2) Listen or watch the sermons online:  3) You can give online: 4) Don’t fall out of the spiritual discipline and habit of church attendance.
  • We also want you to know that we sanitize the children’s areas after each Sunday. We were doing this long before the Coronavirus was on our radar. Again, please don’t bring your children if they exhibit any of the symptoms mentioned above.

We are doing all we can and will continue to do so as we receive information. God is in control, and that is where our hope should ultimately be grounded. But we will also press forward and do what we can to help slow the spread of this virus. We want to avoid causing more angst for an anxious world. This is an opportunity for Christians to trust God and stand out. But we also want to be cautious and wise so we don’t contribute to the problem.

Let us know if you have any questions or helpful advice.

For God’s Glory Together,


Pastor Brent

Honoring Years and Years of Faithful Service

This was how we honored so many at our annual Thanksgiving meal on November 24, 2019.

Opening remarks and reading of Psalm 116:12-19

  • First, notice that the Psalmist emphasizes calling upon the name of the Lord (13, 17) in worship (13-14) and thanksgiving (17)
  • Second, notice that he does so in the presence of all God’s people (14 and 18).
    • So, I want to thank God for our salvation in Jesus.
    • But I want to thank God for you all, and I want you to be thankful for each other and what it means to be a church that serves and loves each other for God’s glory through Jesus Christ.


  • We may have forgotten someone. If we have, please let us know.
  • We did not include AWANA in this because Jill already does a good job of recognizing leaders for years served.
  • These mentioned are those who have served continuously (making it easier to count).
  • If you used to serve, but don’t anymore, we appreciate you. God knows. I trust you will appreciate that others are being honored for their continued faithfulness to build up this local body.


  • Charlie Cooksey – from the beginning for 22 years +


  • 5 Years – Ben Burnsed
  • 15 Years – Charles Cox


  • 5 Years – Angie Delahoussaye *, Desiree Burnsed *, Elizabeth Ziegler, Teresa Moss
  • 7 Years
    • Allison Smith
  • 8 Years
    • Rhondalyn Richardson, Dawn Schrock
  • 9 Years
    • Julie Ray
    • Lauren Mills *
    • Amanda Rasmussen
    • Jessica and Jerod Cottom *
  • 10 Years
    • Stephanie Ochsner *, Ron Delahoussaye *
  • 13 Years
    • Suzanne Moore, Ben and Erika Brown
  • 14 Years
    • Carla Nelson
    • Christy Shuman *
    • Sarah Jones
    • Lacey Prentice
  • 18 Years
    • Jadi and Mike Gibbs *
  • 22 Years and still going
    • Bobbie and Lonnie Daugherty, Micki Rogers

* denotes they serve every Sunday


  • 5 Years – Lonnie Daugherty and Jon Cunningham
  • 8 Years – Kevin Moore
  • 10 Years plus – Kevin and Brenda Zacharias and The Rogers


  • 5 Years – Kevin Moore and Ryan Smith
  • 7 Years – Tyson Ochsner and Kevin Zacharias
  • 10 Years – Russ Ingram


  • Cayton Jones and Ron Delahoussaye – 7 years
  • Curtis Kinsey – 9 years
  • David Hatfield – 14 years (David was a part of the group of first deacons)


  • Greg Webb – 22 Years and still going


  • 5 + Years – Dan Newman, Carla Nelson, Mark Schrock, Curtis and Nancy Kinsey, Julie Ray, Kayley Mills, Chris Timmons


  • The Nelson Family – 7 years
  • Charles Cox and Scott Farrington – 12 years


  • 8 Years – Sarah Jones
  • 10 Years + – Micki Rogers and Lonnie Daugherty


  • 5 Years
    • Ben Burnsed, Colby Bennett, Dana Duell
  • 10 Years
    • Ben Ehrlich, Toby Angell
  • 15 Years
    • Karen Lemley, Julie Farrington, Veronica Heisler


  • 7 Years – Bruce and Janet Barringer


  • 8 Years – Tonya Ingram


  • 6+ Years – Dawn Schrock
  • 9 Years – Dana Baker and Bobby Luttrell


  • Tammy Ramsey – 10 years
  • Mindy Hardy – 15 years
  • Ryan Smith – 15 years

Again, I hope we did not forget anyone, but I suspect we did. And I am sure there are many who have served our faith family in untold ways; by giving regularly, serving in temporary positions, etc. As I said before, God knows. But it is always good for us to honor each other in Christ. I am glad there are so many we can honor in our faith family.

She Came To Tell Me She Was Leaving


It was one of those up-and-down Mondays that pastors sometimes face with above-average discouraging moments. But the Lord was gracious and He encouraged me in an unlikely way; a church member unexpectedly came to tell me she might be leaving for another church.

The truth is, most of the time when people leave your local church for another local church, it stings. It is unpleasant. It can be really discouraging. But this sister came and told me she was considering leaving and I considered it to be good. As a matter of fact, it brought me joy.

Are you confused yet?

In our Elder’s meeting the day before, I had mentioned to my fellow pastors that I had not seen the aforementioned woman in a while and asked them if they had seen her. They said they had not and so I told them I would contact her during the week. So when I heard a knock on my office door and learned that she had come to see me, I was glad to see her.

She came to tell me that she had been visiting another church during the summer. She went out of her way to say she loved Eagle Heights and had grown a lot during her time with us. It was apparent she was sincere in her affirming words.

She went on to explain her daughter’s family had committed to another church and that she was attending with them. And while she still wanted to gather with Eagle Heights, she really wanted to enjoy the season of experiencing church with her grandkids. She wanted to have conversations with them about reading the Bible and following Jesus. Though she wasn’t one hundred percent sure she would be leaving Eagle Heights, what I heard her saying to me was that she was going to another church for good reasons. She wasn’t leaving disgruntled. She wasn’t mad at anyone. She wasn’t upset as a consumer. She just saw an opportunity to be a part of what God was doing in the life of her family.

She let me know that she was worried about having this conversation. She was concerned about whether she could come back to Eagle Heights if she left. I assured her that she could come back and that I was happy for her and her family. I thanked her for doing the hard thing and coming to me to let me know what she was thinking and doing.

It’s never easy when someone leaves your local faith family, even though they still might be a part of the Universal Church Family. But if this woman does end up leaving, how can I be upset? How can I not be glad for her? How can I not be joyful about the way she handled it.

I only wish that more people would leave this way. She told me she might be leaving, and when I found out why, my discouragement was turned to joy.

A Family Devotion Plan for 2019


Family devotions can be difficult and discouraging. Below are some challenges you may have run into:

  • It’s hard to make consistent time.
  • The children won’t sit still or be quite for any amount of time.
  • We (parents) haven’t taken the time to formulate a reasonable plan and expectation.

The struggle is real.

As a matter of fact, you may be able to think of many other reasons why a family devotion just won’t work. Yet God’s word clearly places on parents the primary responsibility to make disciples of their children by teaching them the life-giving truths of the Spirit-inspired scripture (Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Ephesians 6:1-3).

We want to help you trust and obey God’s word, and so we have provided the following resource for 2019. If you are utilizing the  2019 Eagle Heights Bible reading plan, you will notice that at the end of each week there is a question in bold (see the example below). This question is also in the Big Picture Questions and Answers Booklet pictured above. There is also a handy poster inside each booklet. These are available at the Eagle Heights Connection Center.

cateachism bible reading plan


  • Plan a consistent time and place you can have a family devotion. You may have to adjust on occasions, but carve out a time that works most of the time and stick with it.
  • Make known reasonable expectations. For example, let them know that your time will only last for 10 minutes. Ask them not to get up while it’s devotion time. Ask them to raise their hand if they want to speak. Don’t try to do too much.
  • Begin with prayer
  • Ask the question from the catechism booklet or poster: “Who is God?” Let them try to answer. Give them the answer and show them what God’s word teaches by reading the verse from the Bible. (Note: We have provided Bible references to the catechism questions because there are not any in the booklet or on the poster.)
  • Try to think of a brief story or object lesson to illustrate this. This will help you learn God’s word and will help them grasp abstract concepts.
  • Say to them, “Throughout the week we will ask you this question(s) to help you memorize the biblical truth.” Do this every day. It will only take a minute or two.
  • End with a song that everyone can sing together.

This is simple enough and looks pretty easy – right? It won’t be. But if you stick with it, you will create a new habit and God will not only use in the life of your children, He will use it to change you. Pray for conversations and fruit, and whatever you do, don’t give up. Jesus Christ was and is faithful. Follow His example.

5 Ways To Maximize Your Bible Reading Plan in 2019

“And never cast off the habit of reading in the Holy Scriptures; for nothing feeds the soul and enriches the mind so well as those sacred studies do.” Theonas of Alexandria, 300 AD

Bible Reading Plan 2019.jpg

When reading the human writers of the Bible, it’s unarguably clear that they believed that their Spirit-inspired writings are the key to a vibrant and joy-filled Christian life.

Jeremiah writes in Jeremiah 15:16: “Your words were found and I ate them, And Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; For I have been called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts.”

Everywhere one turns, the writer’s of the Bible talk about the Bible like Jeremiah talked about the Holy Scriptures. The scriptures are essential spiritual sustenance. They are a guiding light that feeds the soul with lasting truth.

I deeply desire for the people I pastor to know Christ and the power of His resurrection and I am convinced that there is no abiding joy in Christ a part from the regular intake of His Spirit-inspired word. God’s Spirit uses God’s word to empower God’s people for God’s mission.

For this reason, we have provided a 2019 Bible Eagle Heights Bible Reading Plan. But having a plan is not enough. Many are the plans of many, but few people act on those plans. The reasons for this are many and varied, but some simply don’t know what to do when they actually read. It’s not just reading that we hope to accomplish for the sake of checking it off our to-do list, but reading to know and enjoy God through Jesus.

So here are five ways you can make your Bible-reading plan more nourishing and joy-giving in 2019.

  1. Pray: LORD God, open my eyes to see life-changing truth for your glory, my joy and the good of others. This prayer will help you to be ready to receive revelation from the Creator and Redeemer, but it will also orient you toward receiving the truth so as to be changed to be more like Christ.
  2. Ask: What does this text teach me about God? This question keeps us from turning the Bible into a self-help book. The Bible begins with God: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” God is the primary initiator and chief actor, so look for God’s character and actions first, lest you try to take that role.
  3. Ask: What does the text teach about me as a part of God’s people? Having put God first, now we can begin to think about how we can trust and obey all that Christ commands as His disciple in light of what we are reading. We must do this so that the Bible does not become a textbook. But we must also ask how it impacts us as a part of the body of Christ. Yes, each of us is saved by grace through a personal response to Jesus Christ, but we are saved to be a part of His flock. We must not neglect the body of Jesus, and in doing so neglect the Head, Jesus.
  4. Ask: What difference does it make? Bible reading should make you more like Jesus. It should reorient your affections and actions. If it doesn’t make a difference in the way you think and live, then something is wrong.
  5. Determine to dwell on a truth you read for the rest of the day. This is what we call meditating on the Bible. You must dwell deeply so that the Bible gets deep into your heart and mind so that you are being transformed. If you read, forget and move on, then you will be like hard dry ground that does not soak up a much needed rain. Discipline yourself to ponder something that struck you as especially meaningful and helpful.

Bible reading is important, but you must have a consistent plan and approach. You will never be better off by reading the Bible less. I hope you fill your life with more of God’s word in 2019.

Eagle Heights Member’s Meeting Agenda For 09.30.18


As is the custom of the people of Eagle Heights, we will have our quarterly member’s meeting on Sunday, September 30th at 9:15 am in the worship center.

The purpose of these meetings is to:

  • celebrate the work of the LORD in our midst
  • communicate what is coming up so we can do ministry together
  • conduct  business when necessary
  • answer questions from the members of Eagle Heights and pray for those who are spiritually and physically sick

It is very important that every member of Eagle Heights make every effort to be there. If you can’t be there, please ask someone what was said and done. We always want to do our best to communicate to your faith family and we sincerely want our sisters and brothers to ask questions or express concerns as it relates to our trusting and obeying all that Christ commanded.

Here is the agenda for our time together on September 30th at 9:15 am.

(3 min) Welcome and Prayer (Pastor Brent)

(3 min) Fellowship Room Improvements (Pastor Ryan)

(3 min) Ministry Updates (Pastor Brent)

  • Building Up the Church Service Opportunities
  • Appreciation to those who serve to build up this local church
  • UPWARD reminder – registration has begun

(4 min) Membership Presentations (Pastor Brent)

  • Present new members to be affirmed next week (See IG)

Ryleigh Alsop (baptism), Will Branstetter, Mattie Creekbaum, Kenzie Daniel, Grayson Foust, Grant Gage, Jarod Grubbs, Noah Hembree. Parker Lansford, David Long, Colby (baptism) & Erin Martens, William Matthews, Allison Moos, Hannah Naff, Ally North, Michael & Elizabeth (baptism) O’Rear, Cooper Parsons, Garrett Saunders, Cameo Schemenauer (baptism), Klee & Bailey Sellers, Caleb Smith, Dalton Summers, Synnove Talley (baptism), Emily Taylor, Jadan Terrazas, Colby Thompson, Katie Thweatt, Reid Williams (baptism), Jessica White

  • Briefly explain what membership means
  • Briefly explain the process (Class + Interview + Congregational Affirmation)

(4 min) Presentation of the Updated Church Covenant (Pastor Brent)

(30 min) Presentation, explanation and questions concerning potential revisions to the Eagle Heights Constitution (Pastor Kevin Moore and Pastor Tyson)

  • Over the last few years, the Elders have tried to adhere to the Constitution believing that if we are to have a Constitution, we should do our best to adhere to it for the good of our local church.
  • However, at times we have found alignment issues with the Elder model we use as is described and prescribed in God’s word. These are not major issues, but issues that need to be corrected nonetheless. As we were addressing these concerns, we decided to work through the Eagle Heights Constitution completely.
  • It is also worth noting that in the last ten years, we have voted to amend or revise the constitution twice.
  • Once we have presented and discussed the proposed revisions and we have addressed any concerns, we will ask the church to vote (by ballot) on the revisions at a date to be specified.
  • Here is a link to see the proposed revisions: 

Q&A with Elders if time permits – and Prayer

Eagle Heights Member’s Meeting Agenda and Summary Notes For 07.29.18


As is the custom of the people of Eagle Heights, we will have our quarterly Member’s Meeting on Sunday July 29th at 9:15 am in the worship center.

Our Member’s Meeting is a time to:

  • celebrate the work of the Lord in our midst
  • communicate what is coming up so we can do ministry together
  • conduct business when necessary
  • answer questions from the members of Eagle Heights and pray for those who are spiritually and physically sick

It is very important that every member of Eagle Heights make every effort to be there. If you can’t be there, please ask someone what was said and done.

By the way, if you have questions for the Elders or staff, please feel free to email them to me: We always want to do our best to communicate with our faith family, and we sincerely want our brothers and sisters to ask any questions or express any concern as it relates to our trusting and obeying all that Christ commanded.

Here is a summary agenda for our time together at 9:15 am on the 29th of July.

(3 min) Welcome and Prayer (Pastor Brent)

  • We gather in committed community to communicate and celebrate what God is doing because of what Christ alone has done. We do this for God’s glory together.
    • I love this faith family and I love our commitment to biblical fidelity.
  • A brief reminder of why it is important to participate in these meetings.
    • We communicate the work of the church, celebrate what God is doing through the church and conduct business as necessary.

(3 min) Update from Notie Lansford, Chairman of the Personnel Team

  • Notie reported that the church has graciously responded to the request for funds to send Brent and Lacey to Israel. So far, $7,100 has come in.
  • Brent and Lacey had to postpone their trip because the trip they planned to go on was canceled. They will attempt to go in 2020.

(3 min) Membership Presentations (Pastor Brent)

  • Present new members to be affirmed next week.
    • Blake and Lauren Abbott, Shelby Hackett, Truby Mackey, Leah Muriel, Danny, and Jenny Sherman Please let us know if you have a concern about any of these folks being members.
  • Briefly explain what membership means to the people of Eagle Heights
  • Briefly explain the process (Class + Interview + Congregational Affirmation)
  • Introduce New Members
  • Affirmation:
    • Elder: “Do you commit to helping us glorify God by trusting Jesus and striving to obey all that He commands?” New Members: “We do.”
    • Elder: “Do you commit to strive to know and build these new members up in love for God’s glory and your joy?” Church Members: “We do.”

(4 min) Youth Ministry Report (Parker)

  • Parker communicated what to expect for the youth ministry moving forward and invited parents to a meeting on Sunday, August 12th at 9:15

 (4 min) Ziegler Family Seminary Commissioning (Pastor Brent and Pastor Dan)

  • Matthew will explain their plans.
    • Their last day with us is August 5th. They will be moving to Kansas City for two years of seminary and hope to return to us with the capability to address counseling needs in our city.
  • Pastor Dan will come and pray for them.

(4 min) Elders Update (Pastor Kevin Moore)

  • Trustees Update – Per the constitution, the Trustees have not been rotating off every three years. In December, Bob Dixon will rotate off, then Charlie Cooksey the following year and then Terry Bidwell. We will be looking for people to fill the role of trustee as these rotate off.
  • Constitution Revision Update – The Elders are currently combing through the constitution to make sure it is clear and helpful for the governance of our faith family. We will be presenting revisions at our next Member’s Meeting in September.
  • Membership Material Update and Review- Because of teaching we have done, we are currently updating our membership material and plan on filming a new membership video in the near future.

(4 min) Missionary Commissioning (Pastor Brent and Tyson)

  • (Names have been removed for security reasons) will explain their plans.
    • They are still fundraising to leave in the next few months to go to the Middle East to do language training in Arabic.
  • Pastor Tyson will pray for them

(4 min) Children’s Ministry Update (Pastor Ryan)

  • Wacky Water Night on August 8th as outreach with mailers – we are sending out over 2,000 mailers to specific parts of our city.
  • Children’s Camp – Children’s camp went very well and we had several professions of faith and one commitment to vocational ministry.
  • We need Volunteers as school starts –
  • Dearinger’s school supply partnership – we are partnering with Dearinger’s Printing and have contributed to the funds to give rulers with our brand and a message on it to every first grader in Stillwater
  • Promotion Sunday is coming up on August 12th and AWANA starts Wednesday the 29th.

(4 min) UPWARD Update (Pastor Brent and Jonathan Harrison)

  • Jonathan and Amanda Harrison have decided, after a period of evaluation, to continue UPWARD one more year, but only for Kindergarten through 2nd

 (4 min) Preparing for August (Pastor Brent)

  • Servant attitudes and Seating and Parking
    • Brent asked that we please serve each other and those who will be coming to our church. If anyone has questions about why we do what we do, please come directly to us.
  • University Ministry
    • Brent explained that we will not be hiring an intern for the Fall Semester, but will run the university ministry through a team approach for the time being. Brent interviewed two candidates but it didn’t work out.

(4 min) Ward Commissioning (Pastor Brent and Pastor Nathan)

  • Colton and Lauren will explain their plans.
    • Colton and Lauren plan to leave in the next few months to go to the mission field to share the gospel and plant churches. They are still raising funds to be able to go.
  • Pastor Nathan will pray for them.

(3 min) Staff Updates: Jason Denney (Pastor Brent)

  • Jason Denney will no longer be serving as the part-time minister of international students or core groups. He will be working full-time for Greater Europe Mission. August is his last month serving in this capacity.

(3 min) Ministry and Missions Giving Update

  • –Brent reported that missions giving is going very well, but encouraged everyone to continue to give through $18 for ’18. He said summer giving has been slower but overall the budget is strong.

 Q&A with Elders if time permits, and Prayer

  • Prayer request: Cindy May, mother of Karen Privott who is a former member, unexpectedly died at the age of 56. Praying for the family.
  • Prayer request: Two EHBC members are leaving for mission’s training school in Mexico for 10 months. This can be a challenging time of learning and growing.
  • Prayer request: Sevi is the four-month-old nephew of Cayton Jones. He has been critically ill with heart and brain issues. Cayton also lost his mother this year to cancer. Please pray for strength for this family and the healing of Sevi.
  • We ended with a brief time of prayer.