About Brent

Prentice Family MessengerI have been the lead pastor of Eagle Heights in Stillwater, Oklahoma since January of 2009. I enjoy the people of Eagle Heights and do my best to love them with God’s word. I am happily and gratefully married to Lacey (16 years) and have three children; Luke (14) and Elijah (12) and Bella (6). I enjoy spending time with my family, reading Civil War and WWII History, mowing the lawn, fires and watching football and NCAA Softball.

I started blogging as a means to influence people and that continues to be my aim. But more specifically I write to model for others, especially those I pastor, that Jesus-worshiping followers should strive to see all of life through the lens of the Bible. I hope to be used by God to train people to think and live according to sound doctrine so that the Kingdom might come and God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Hence, the name of this blog: “A Means to an End.”

I also find that blogging is personally fruitful because it trains me to be precise with words. After all, God has communicated to us very specific truths through very specific words in the Bible.


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