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A Building Expansion Update – Feb. 17

In recent days I have been asked on several occasions: “When is the project going to be finished?” Which means it is a good time to provide an update about time, money and other questions and comments. Below is the latest:


  • Anticipated Completion. This morning I confirmed with the general contractor that they are hoping to be done by the end of April. This could change, but believe me when I say that everyone wants the project to be done as soon as possible. 
  • Budget and Fundraising. The good news is that we have enough money on hand to pay for the construction contract. 
  • We are still receiving and accepting funds. Thanks be to God that through the generosity of many, we have raised enough money to finish what we started as it relates to the contract (See next bullet point). However, in the process of making progress we occasionally find an unanticipated challenge that sometimes results in a change order and cost increase. This has been tricky as we try to join an existing structure with a new structure, and I have been told by experienced people that projects always require unforeseen changes. We are doing everything we can to minimize cost increases, but sometimes they are inevitable. When they are necessary, we try to find ways to offset the cost. For this reason, we would like to encourage you to continue to give as you are able – as some continue to do monthly.  In one sense, we have raised what we have needed to complete what we we began, but for the reasons above, we are still accepting gifts. If we have money left over, we will use it to repair our parking lot and provide furnishings (furniture) for our new space. 
  • What we are doing and what we have done. Remember that the contract includes 5,200 sq. ft. of new space (approximately $155 per sq. ft.) and just over 3,000 sq. ft. of renovated space (approximately $78 per sq. ft.) . Keep in mind also that we have renovated the children’s hall and added children’s space in the fellowship center. 
  • Where’s the main entrance? We anticipate the main entrance will still be the one at center of the south end of the building. On a rainy day, or for those who can’t walk long distances, the west entrance will be the best option. Those who need handicapped parking will be able to enter on the east side of the building. 
  • It’s Not a Pigeon Coop. Some have cleverly joked and asked whether the open space at the end of the building is a bird shelter or my new office. I assure you that it is neither. It is open, at least in part, to aesthetically break up what would otherwise be a very long stretch of metal building (See the bullet below about carpet color). The birds haven’t made this area a home yet, but that’s because most of them have been trapped inside the new construction space 🙂 


  • The finished product. I recognize this has been a significant sacrifice for many people in many and various ways. For some it has been inconvenient. For others it has been hard not knowing all the details. I want to say I am thankful for the patience of everyone involved. I have been impressed by the overall unity of our church during this season. It is no small thing what we are accomplishing together – and hopefully we have glorified God together. I do want to say that when the whole thing is finished, I think we will be pleasantly surprised with all that we are getting for our efforts, unity and money (Click here to read more about what we are getting). I know that trying to make everyone happy regarding the look of a building is like trying to get everyone to agree on what color the carpet ought to be – it’s not going to happen. But I truly believe that the finished product will be something we all can appreciate in one way or the other. 

I always want to be as open and receptive as I can about the “what” and “why” of this project. If this update has caused more questions than answers, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification and information. I am always happy to speak with you. 


In Their Own Words – Why Our Volunteers Serve In Children’s Ministry

children hearts

Why our children’s ministry volunteers serve in their own words.


Motivation matters. It is the fuel that drives a person to initially take action, and it is often the single greatest factor for sustaining an action. Some people never begin to serve, and many don’t continue to contribute, because they have never thought about why they do what they do.

Children’s ministry can be very rewarding, but it is not always easy and fun. It’s hard to work to love the little children that Jesus loves so deeply – especially when they are not your own. (And sometimes it is hard to love and serve your own.) Our local church has many volunteers who love and serve children every week, and here’s what our volunteers said when they were asked:”WHY DO YOU SERVE IN CHILDREN’S MINISTRY?” Read and be motivated.

  • Seeing kids smile and laugh is a joy and sharing Jesus with them is a blessing.
  • I love serving in Children’s Ministry because I get to teach and reach children that are not in my “friend” group.  It keeps me young and I love their openness and honesty when talking about Jesus.
  • I love serving in children’s ministry because they are the future.  They exemplify child-like faith more than anyone I know.  Children provide examples of trust, love and eagerness for the gospel.  I want to have an impact on children because they are the future hands and feet of Christ.
  • From working in the nursery, I’ve enjoyed getting to know my fellow workers and learn baby tips and tricks from them.  I also like loving on the babies and giving their parents a little break.
  • I serve in Children’s Ministry because I didn’t hear the gospel until I was 17 and I want to make sure kids hear it before then and know the love of Jesus.
  • I love babies so I serve in the nursery the 2nd Sunday of every month.  God has given me the opportunity to serve.  It’s a privilege and honor to serve God in this way.  I am thankful and grateful.
  • I serve in our children’s ministry because I’ve been blessed by my own kids involvement and I want to give back!  (Plus, kids are fun!)
  • God called me to work with His children and I love it.
  • It is important!  It is effective!  I get great joy from working with these kids!
  • I love to see the kids grow up and then they start to serve in children’s ministry.
  • I love children and I believe God lets me take care of these little ones.  I enjoy meeting the parents.  Without this option, I would just be another member.
  • I started as a sub for Ronnie & Stephanie.  Now that I am permanently Ronnie’s helper, I enjoy it.  I have always loved working with children (former teacher).  The Lord has given me a love for them.  I look at the K-2nd grade class as “my kids.”  I love building relationship with them so I can share Jesus.
  • I serve in the nursery to provide love to babies and a time mothers can go and listen to God’s word without concern.
  • I serve with children because I know the outcome children’s ministries can bring from my own experience.  Also, I just love kids!
  • Children are precious and important.  Coming to know Jesus at a young age is a gift.  I want that for my kids and all kids we serve!
  • I serve Eagle Heights children because I am a child-convert (at 6 years old).  God saved me at a young age and I want children to know He can save them, too.
  • I serve in the children’s ministry for a way to give back to Eagle Heights for all they’ve given me.
  • The children always make me laugh and it reminds me of the joy we have in Jesus! J
  • I started working in the 2-3 year old room because that’s where there was a need and I was here both services since my husband plays music in church.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know both the kids and their families.  There is so much growth between the ages of two and four and I love seeing them grow.
  • I love to see the kids learn.  I love to see them grow one step closer to knowing Christ.  I love to plant tiny seeds in their hearts.  I love the kids and I want them to know Him!!
  • I get fulfillment in watching and helping transform “rowdy”, unfocused, young minds into those that strive to memorize verses and begin to seek to know God and desire to learn His words.
  • I enjoy caring for the kids while their parents learn and worship in the service.
  • I love learning alongside the kids and being reminded of the richness of the simple gospel truths.  I love being able to disciple them and teach them some of the life-changing things I have learned about following Jesus.
  • I enjoy working with babies and serving the parents of small children.
  • It is such a joy and honor to have conversations with children about Jesus and share the gospel with them.
  • I love getting to love on the little ones that come to our church.  I also feel like it is a good way to get to know other church members and to serve the body that I am part of.
  • The love that has been poured out on my children in this children’s ministry has been monumental.  I serve because I want to pour that love back out to other children.  There is no greater joy than watching children come to know Christ.  If I can be a small part in helping with that, I will count that a blessing!

We are thankful to all our volunteers who love and serve children.

Thanks to Jill Daugherty (Children’s Director) and Becca White (Sunday Morning Coordinator) for leading our children’s ministry and sharing this with us.