The 15 for 15 Missions Challenge – Will You Join Us?

15 for 15

“The gospel must first be preached to all the nations.” Mark 13:10 “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:14 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” Matthew 28:19

We all are to be going proclaimers of Christ. We are all goers. We go all kinds of places everyday, and hopefully we are testifying that Jesus is worthy of our trust and obedience.

But not everyone can go to the nations (the ends of the earth – Acts 1:8) all of the time, though we all have a part to play. Everyone of us can pray and mobilize so others can go. “Go, send or disobey!” says John Piper. There are no other options. So what part are you playing as a part of God’s strategy that is the church local?

I have been doing some praying and thinking and did some brainstorming with the staff this past week to develop a strategy that will challenge every single person to give something to send others on mission in 2015.

When we read the Bible it is easy to miss how God’s people were led by God, because God leads in many and various ways. But it does not mean there was no strategy to accomplish God’s plan. To build the ark, there was a strategy. To conquer Jericho, there was a strategy. To build the temple, there was a strategy. To rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, Nehemiah had a strategy. To financially assist the saints in Jerusalem, Paul had a strategy. God wants us to be a part of His Universal Church to get the gospel to all the nations, but what is our strategy for accomplishing His plan?

Here is one way to be a part of God’s plan in 2015. We are calling it “15 for 15 missions challenge”. We are going to ask every single person to join us by committing to give at least $15 a month for 2015.

As an example, Lacey and I will give at least $30 a month together. Of course, if someone wants to give more or give it all in one month, that is great too. What we are trying to accomplish is to get everyone to participate in being a sending church. We can all give up three lattes or a few value meals a week for the sake of the gospel – right?

What if just 200 people committed to give $15 a month for the rest of 2015? That would be $36,000. In 2014 our total missions giving was just over $27,000. That would be a 25% increase for 2015.

I ask you to join me in praying that Eagle Heights would take this seriously and that we would continue to grow in our missions support as a going and sending people. I ask also that you would encourage people in your sphere of influence to embrace the “15 for 15 missions challenge”.

I hope God uses Eagle Heights Missions Month to teach and challenge us about praying, giving and going. I pray also we would celebrate what God is doing through us as we give more and send more for the glory of God among the nations. In 2008 we gave approximately $7000 to missions. We have grown a lot, but we can do more. I hope our faith family will get behind this. Will you join us?

About brentprentice

Brent is the lead pastor and one of the Elders at Eagle Heights in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He has been married to Lacey for 14 years and together they love two sons, Luke and Elijah, and a daughter, Bella.

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