Why Did We Show the Obama Video and 40 Years

We have received mixed reviews on the Obama video (above) that was shown this past Sunday as a part of our Sanctity of Life emphasis. Some suggested that it was confusing. Some were concerned that we took his words out of context. Some may have only read politics into it.

Fair enough on all points, and others that have not yet come to my attention.

I must admit that I sometimes fail to anticipate how people might interpret. This is a good reminder that people filter through the lens of their worldview and knowledge, or lack thereof. I have learned a valuable lesson from this video that I thought I already knew – don’t assume. If I had it to do over again, I would still show the video but I would explain the purpose for showing it. I received an email this morning asking the question, “What was the purpose of the Obama video?” And it is a fair question and here are the answers:

  1. The video was intended to show the inconsistency in thinking of many in our country. Obama contends that we need to do more to protect our children, but what about the unborn children that are not protected. I mentioned on Sunday morning that the majority of Americans think that abortion is morally wrong, but 63% believe that Roe V. Wade should not be overturned. Now I confess that I made the assumption that most people would know that President Obama is not an unborn, pro-baby president (and in all seriousness, let’s pray for him with great intensity that he will change his mind on this issue). Some of his statements to the contrary are shockingly deplorable. But again, I should never assume that anything can be assumed. I was hoping the video would vividly display the inconsistency of any person’s thinking by taking the very emotional event of Newtown, Connecticut and President Obama’s comments about it and show we are not even close to protecting every child. Now for those who were concerned that some might take from the video that president Obama is pro-life, if there is any consolation for you it is this; he’s won’t be up for reelection.
  2. The video was intended to get people talking. And it did. I have had several comments and questions. However, here is a concern: I hope that the point of the morning was not lost on any uncertainty about the meaning or intent of the video. After hearing Leah speak about her own story and  the work of SLS, I hope we can all agree that we want to help hurting mothers, babies and fathers. But it is clear that many talked about the video and even about why it confused them. I hope there was somebody who was a voice of reason and saw some benefit of the video. I’m okay with stirring the pot on occasion.

Some Final Thoughts and 40 Years

  • I should never assume. 
  • I should explain intent. If I could do it again I would have come up after the video and prayed for President Obama and our country and said something like, “President Obama is not a pro-life president, but I pray that he will become a pro-life president so he can be consistent toward all children in relationship to the comments he made about the Newtown tragedy. We should protect all children, including the unborn.” The plan to show the video is a decision I stand behind, however, the execution was lacking. Pray for me that I will grow in wisdom and be a better communicator next time. Won’t you?
  • People are catching on to the idea of context. I was actually encouraged that some objected to the video because they felt President Obama’s words were taken out of occasion. It means they are thinking about context when it comes to the reading the Bible and that is right and encouraging.
  • Today (January 22, 2013) marks 40 years that abortion has been legal in our country (Roe V. Wade). Over 50 million mothers have made the painful choice to abort over 50 million babies. The pain is unthinkable and the damage is beyond our understanding. May we use every means possible to love others so they don’t add to these staggering numbers.

About brentprentice

Brent is the lead pastor and one of the Elders at Eagle Heights in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He has been married to Lacey for 14 years and together they love two sons, Luke and Elijah, and a daughter, Bella.

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  1. I’m glad to see you address this here, as I was also worried about the context when this video played. However, I can honestly say after hearing Leah speak I had forgotten about the video until you posted this. I would also say that most of the people concerned and/or contacting you probably really did understand the video and were concerned that others would not. Finally I can also say that Leah’s words sparked some conversation between myself and some of our other youth workers about how we react when one of our youth has a problem.

  2. Thanks Bob. Hopefully more good comes from it than bad.

  3. I can undestand the question(s) but I caught the contradiction the video was implying right away. I guess it is possible that some may not watch the news very much and may have missed the contradiction. Abortion is a complicated issue to discuss. When I explained, in general terms, what abortion is to my 11 year old the issue was not complicated at all. His confused and disturbed expression was priceless and it reminded me that we complicate many things unnecessarily when we cloud issues with our selfishness and what we believe is “best”. Lea’s explanation that many of these decisions are based out of fear was a good reminder. The message Sunday also sparked conversation with my son about relationship between men and women and the resposibility that he will also have someday as a man and the best choices occur within the context of marriage.
    Thank you for continuing to be bold and not avoiding difficult issues.

  4. I understood how out of context the video of Obama was Sunday. The protection of children born and unborn should very important to all Christians. Gun violence does kill many children and has a negative effect on their families. Abortion kills many unborn children and has a negative effect on the families. I have trouble seeing the difference.

  5. Bob – I agree. Children, unborn and born, should be protected from harm of every kind. I am thankful for you and Molly by the way you model that with how you love and minister to children.

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