5 Thoughts I Thought – April 11

These are 5 thoughts I thought over the last 24 hours.

  1. Our boys went home with my mom and dad this past weekend and stayed the night. Our youngest son gave us a complete report of significant events and verbal exchanges. He reported that they had “Bible Time” on Sunday Morning. I was so glad to hear that my sons are seeing the Bible read not only in their own home but in the home of my dad and mom. However, I asked Elijah what it was about and his reply was revealing: “I don’t remember.” So he remembered that he had Bible Time but could not remember what it was about. Here’s a thought I thought: The event itself can play an  important role in teaching and reminding about what is important and worth doing. This is an example of a meaningful tradition.  My son may not remember what was said about the Bible for now, but at least he remembers and will remember that grandma and grandpa also cherish God’s word. Until he hears, remembers and believes the word, I am glad he at least knows our family prioritize God’s word.
  2. My wife actually put this thought in my head, but it is an interesting thing to ponder.”Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine, and valiant men in mixing strong drink.” Isaiah 5:22 Can a person be a bartender with a good conscience?
  3. “If anyone has no love for the Lord, let him be accursed. Our Lord, come!” 1 Cor. 16:22 Paul doesn’t mince words and He clearly cannot understand how anyone would not love the Lord. I take this also to mean that believing in the Lord will be accompanied by loving the Lord. If anyone believes Jesus and loves Jesus then he will obey His commands (See John 14). Is it impossible to believe in Jesus, knowing that He loved us with His life and death, and then think that we can ignore his commands, which are for our good?
  4. A sixth-grader said to me yesterday shortly after the sermon: “I want to correct you on something in your sermon.” Me: “Alright.” Sixth-grader: “The United States is not the richest country in the world, Luxembourg is.” Me: “That’s true if you mean GDP, but not by overall wealth and power. Do you know what GDP is?” The look on the Sixth-grader’s face: “What did I get myself into.” My thought after asking the question: “Why didn’t I just say thank you for the correction and go on?”
  5. Sermon corrections from yesterday. I said yesterday that if anyone does not provide for his family he is worse than a believer. I corrected it a moment later by saying “unbeliever” (1 Timothy 5:8). Additionally I said that the average credit card debt per individual is $7,600. That was a wrong statement on two accounts. First, I should have said $7,300. Second, it is per household not individual. Both accounts are a good reminder to slow down and then stick with the notes unless certain I have the facts right.

About brentprentice

Brent is the lead pastor and one of the Elders at Eagle Heights in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He has been married to Lacey for 14 years and together they love two sons, Luke and Elijah, and a daughter, Bella.

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