Charles Haddon Spurgeon; A Few Highlights

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spurgeonElijah Haddon Prentice is named after Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Spurgeon is one of my favorite preachers and has been called the “Prince of Preachers” because of the impact of his life in preaching the gospel to millions. Here are a few facts about the man that my second son was named after. There is only one Charles Spurgeon, but perhaps his story will compel you to walk with Christ as Spurgeon’s life amazes you with what God can do through a man who is devoted to Christ. As much as anything I hope his life inspires you to read about dead people (their books), starting with Spurgeon.

All facts and quotes are taken from “Spurgeon; A New Biography” by Arnold Dallimore.

Spurgeon was Born June 19, 1834 in England.

He accepted his 1st pastorate at the age of 17 @ Waterbeach. He was called the “Boy Preacher”.

At the age of 19 he became pastor of New Park Street Baptist Church in London where he would pastor for 38 years.

Married to Miss Susannah Thompson (born 1/15/1832), January 8, 1856

TWIN SONS (not identical) Thomas and Charles Born, September 20, 1856

In 1856 at the age of 22 years he preached at Surrey Gardens Music Hall to 10,000 people with no microphone.

Nearly all of his sermons ended with this – a warning, begging, pleading, urging the sinner to come to Christ.

He took New Park Street Baptist Church from less than 100 active members to 5,000 +.

At the age of 34 he started the pastor’s college.

By the age of 50 there were 66 organizations that he founded and conducted.

He read six books a week, and could remember what he read and where to find it.

He wrote more than 140 books himself.

He often worked 18 hour days.

Spurgeon once preached to 20,000 people with no mic at the Agricultural Hall.

By 1875 – membership at New Park was over 5,000 making it by far the largest baptist church in the world.

His library contained more than 12,000 volumes of which every month he reviewed ten or twelve for his publication the “Sword and the Trowel”.

He penned aroudn 500 letters per week with a pen that had to be dipped in ink.

It is believed that between 200 to 300 million of Spurgeon’s sermons were in print in a half a century.

He proclaimed the gospel to an estimated 20 million hearers.

When he died an estimated 50,000 people viewed his casket. Even the pubs in London closed that day.

Travels to MENTONE France again (for the Last Time), October 26, 1891
— While there, becomes SEVERELY ILL from his long-suffering combination of Rheumatism, Gout and Bright’s disease (Kidney)

He died Sunday, January 31, 1892.

“If by excessive labor, we die before reaching the average age of man, worn out in the Master’s service, then glory to God, we shall have so much less of earth and so much more of heaven.” C H Spurgeon

These are just a few of the things Spurgeon did and his legacy is living on in books and names. May God give us the energy to work ourselves to death for the one who died for us.

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Brent is the lead pastor and one of the Elders at Eagle Heights in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He has been married to Lacey for 14 years and together they love two sons, Luke and Elijah, and a daughter, Bella.

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